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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Puzzle Prototype


Working Puzzle Prototype in UE3

Cube Animation Test

A test for raising cubes 🙂


Triggering Animation Test

A test to see if a cube animation could be triggered via shooting


Glove Design

(Click to view entire image)

Animation Test

To demonstrate a pattern that will be used in puzzles – this makes for a less obvious solution to a puzzle


Unreal Physics Test

Knocking over cubes and picking up a cube


Yellow Cube Animation

A possible animation for yellow cubes


New design aesthetic with an extruding cube methodology as opposed to ‘raising and duplicating cubes’. Kinda reminds me of a bar graph or a music equaliser.

New concept

Old concept

Out of proportion i.e. not confined to raising cubes at exactly ‘1 cube height’ – adding more variety