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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Toxic Games Photo Shoot

Today we had a team Photo Shoot for our website and for PR purposes (Epic Games etc.). It was a pretty fun experience, driving onto a golf course (which I’m pretty sure we weren’t allowed to do!) and getting photos taken, as well as hitting up the new University campus to get photos there. Photos are courtesy of Adam Da Rocha.

Q.U.B.E. goes to Develop in Brighton!

This week the team traveled to Brighton, UK to attend the annual Develop Conference. Last year we went we were just students but this time we were part of the show! Wednesday was jam packed with lectures and workshops and we learnt a lot. In the evening we attended the Develop Awards after-party, which was a barrel of laughs. We showed QUBE to a bunch of game company execs including Ian Livingstone and the creative minds behind Brink, Splash Damage. In exchange for showing QUBE, we were shown a photo of one of the dev’s new Feffari!

The next day Jon and I gave a talk on our experience of going from Student to Indie. We shared our experience of working with Indie Fund and explained how we set up our indie games company. It was very light-hearted and I felt it went really well! We’re definitely improving on our public speaking, which is great.

We ended the trip by checking out a bit of Brighton and then headed back home, to South Wales.