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Monthly Archives: May 2012

We (Toxic Games) have been nominated for a Develop Award!

It’s really exciting! After two years and our first game being released we’re extremely happy to be nominated for the “new studio” Develop Award alongside such brilliant studios as:

Big Bit
Bossa Studios
ShortRound Games
Six to Start
We R Interactive

Congratulations to them too!

It really is a great honour to be nominated in what is considered “early days”

We’ll be at the Rezzed game show the week before and then at develop conference (and of course the awards) all week, maybe you’ll see us down there!

Because We May Sale! 50% of Q.U.B.E.

It’s exciting indie developer times as we’re part of the Because We May sale.

It’s a big event celebrating indie developers and the stores which give us so much freedom to sell our small-scale games to the world.

Our part is that we’re cutting the price of Q.U.B.E. in half on steam!

It starts on Thursday 24th May through to the 1st June, so you haven’t got a copy of Q.U.B.E yet now is the time! Or perhaps a copy for your friend? Or your uncle? I hear he’s really been meaning to get into the whole “gaming” thing and what better way to introduce old Fred to games than with our splendid title Q.U.B.E. but just don’t tell Auntie Barbara. You know how she gets about Uncle Fred being distracted when he hasn’t even fixed the garage door.

I think we may have gotten a little off topic, the point

Q.U.B.E. will be on sale tomorrow!

Competition time!

Once again we’re running a Q.U.B.E acronym contest!

For your chance to win a steam copy of Q.U.B.E just tweet a acronym of “Q.U.B.E” with the hash tag #QUBEacronymContest

EG: “Quite Understated Barrel Erosion #QUBEacronymContest”

That was terrible, but that’s the jist.

So get tweeting and we’ll pick the winner on Wednesday 23rd May 5pm  (UK time).

Q.U.B.E will be at Rezzed Game Show

Yes indeed, Toxic Games will be down at Rezzed to showcase Q.U.B.E to the people!

It’s great to be going to another game show since we haven’t showcased in a while, especially since we’re released the game and all.

There’ll be ton of other PC and Indie Games/Game Developers there, so it’s going to awesome! Come along!

Q.U.B.E Soundtrack released!

A lot of you asked for it, so we got it out.

QUBE Soundtrack Cover

It has 30 track from the game and then 10 bonus tracks (Menu Music, Unused Tracks, Extend versions) from just £4.99 (You can also buy tracks individually if that’s your thing)

It’s composed by Ben Chandler, Steve Dunne, Project Static and Felix Zirwes

You can get your hands on it at:

Bandcamp (Listen to it for free here too!)

Steam (You can buy it in a bundle with Q.U.B.E)



Track List

1.     Into The Light – Ben Chandler

2.     Echoing Lights – Ben Chandler

3.     Echoing Lights Continued – Ben Chandler

4.     Brighter Times – Ben Chandler

5.     Brighter Times Continued – Ben Chandler

6.     Illuminations – Ben Chandler

7.     Spectral Lights – Ben Chandler

8.     Spectral Lights Continued – Ben Chandler

9.     Lightism – Ben Chandler

10.   Dancing Lights – Ben Chandler

11.   Light Breakdown – Ben Chandler

12.   Light Breakdown Continued – Ben Chandler

13.   Core Illuminate – Ben Chandler

14.   Faded Light – Ben Chandler

15.   Out of the Light – Ben Chandler

16.   Into the Dark – Ben Chandler

17.   Dark Mechanics – Ben Chandler

18.   Dark Mechanics Extended – Ben Chandler

19.   Normalising the Dark – Ben Chandler

20.   Darkness – Ben Chandler

21.   Out Of The Darkness – Ben Chandler

22.   Quiet After The Storm – Steve Dunne

23.   Elevation – Steve Dunne

24.   Desolation – Steve Dunne

25.   Moving Structure – Steve Dunne

26.   Slanted – Steve Dunne

27.   All Colours – Steve Dunne

28.   Walls Are Alive – Steve Dunne

29.   Escape – Steve Dunne

30.   Finale – Felix Zirwes

31.   QUBE Trailer (Bonus) – Ben Chandler

32.   QUBE Trailer 2 (Bonus) – Ben Chandler

33.   Sector 6 (Bonus) – Ben Chandler

34.   Sector 6 Continued (Bonus) – Ben Chandler

35.   Sector 6 Original (Bonus) – Ben Chandler

36.   Menu Screen (Bonus) – Ben Chandler

37.   Official Trailer (Bonus) – Ben Chandler

38.   Beta Demo (Bonus) – Ben Chandler

39.   Message Through Space (Bonus) – Project Static

40.   Finale Overture (Bonus) – Felix Zirwes (Feat. Daniel Da Rocha)



All recent Q.U.B.E. News!

So we haven’t posted a blog in a little while, but it’s been a busy time and luckily we’ve got someone updating Twitter/Facebook with the latest info.

But if you like some blog based writing here you go!
Q.U.B.E released on Steam, Desura, GamersGate and Playism

QUBE on Steam

In late December and early January Q.U.B.E was released to the world:
Playism (Japanese)

We’ve gone on to sell over X number of copies, which is fantastic and thanks to everyone who bought it!

Q.U.B.E updated to v1.2

Listening to the fans, we fixed numerous bugs, added custom keybindings and much more!
Update 1
Update 1.01
Update 1.2

Collectors Edition Announced

We’re also happy to announce that Headup Games will be publishing a collectors edition in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

It’ll be a retail boxed copy with the soundtrack and other great extras, coming this summer!


We also released Q.U.B.E’s soundtrack more info here!


If you want the very latest updates, competitions, bits of QUBE triva and your questions answered then follow us on twitter: @qubegame or on Facebook

Plus as we set up for new projects you’ll hear lots of news about the team over on the Toxic Games twitter feed: @ToxicGames