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Toxic Games Q&A 1

We asked you what you want to ask us about QUBE and Toxic Games, so here are the questions and some answers!

Q: What are you working on now?

A: Right now we are working on Q.U.B.E. for iOS.

This version of the game will see similarities to the PC version but will have a static camera rather than first person character and completely focus on the physics based puzzles.


Q: What’s the reason that you dropped everything of the story?

A: We tried very hard to tie in depth storyline into the game but had real difficulties in the methods that we approached it. It didn’t feel right.

So rather than having a full storyline that people wouldn’t enjoy, we decided to take it away completely and focus on the puzzles and aesthetics of the game.

(more on the story cut out here:


Q:  What are your plans about adding more story to the game?

A: For Q.U.B.E., there won’t be additional plot lines added. The game is how it is.

We can however add DLC to lengthen the game for players. Additiional game modes, new puzzles etc.


Q:  How was your experience working with everyone from the Indie Fund? Would you recommend it? Were they hands on? Pros and Cons?

A: The guys at Indie Fund are really great. Throughout the development of Q.U.B.E. they answered every email we sent them and also gave suggestions on specific  design areas of the game. A lot of things we took onboard, and some things we didn’t.  Most of the time we listened to their advice as they knew what they were talking about when it comes to the industry.

I would recommend applying to Indie Fund. They’ve been very successful in helping out developers so yeah.


Q: Where did the original concept for Q.U.B.E come from?

A: The original concept of Q.U.B.E. was inspired by a number of things, aesthetically it was inspired by the movie The Cube, and more notably a short animation called The Room.


Q: When will the Mac version be out? / What’s Happening with the Mac port?

A: The Mac version of Q.U.B.E. has taken a lot longer than we thought it would, we honestly thought it was going to be ready at the same time as the PC version but it turned out it had a lot of problems, though now  it has only a few minor issues and it won’t be long until it’s ready.


Q: Q.U.B.E SDK for mods and maps?

A: Maybe in the future. It’s not a focus right now though.

We’ve been writing up designs for a level editor for the PC, but that’s not a confirmation that we’ll be releasing one just yet, but’s definitely a possibility.