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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Future of Q.U.B.E

Hello everyone! We thought it was about time we gave you an update on our projects which are in progress at the moment:

QUBE Collectors Edition

As we said yesterday, we have a collectors edition to sell to the most hardcore of Q.U.B.E. fans!


It’s all here!

We’ll let you know how to get your hands on it soon enough, in the meantime here is the list of what’s in the edition:

– DRM free copy of QUBE on disc
– Original Soundtrack on disc
– Steel Case
– QUBE Steam Code
– Access to the QUBE Touch Beta for iOS devices
– T-shirt
– QUBE Glove Sculpture
– Stress Cube


QUBE on Mac

It’s still very much on the way, we’ve faced a lot more difficulties with the Mac version than we’d like which has caused a lot of delay but fear not it will come out! We’ve had it running on a Mac which is progress!



It’s coming along nicely, we don’t want to spoil the surprise but there’s quite a lot new additions which we think you’ll like.

In the meantime, here’s a teaser image


What could it be?!


QUBE Touch (iOS)

We’ve been working on a iOS game based on similar mechianics to QUBE for a while now, it’s looking quite good and we should be able to release all sorts of information about it soon enough!


That’s a QUBE alright.

QUBE 2 – The earliest of stages

The other day we asked everyone about doing crowd funding for QUBE 2 and the response was extremely positive which was fantastic.

It’s possible we’ll be able to fund QUBE 2 another way but we wanted to check out the option as it would be a great way to do it.

Now we would like to make clear that QUBE 2 ISN’T in development and this isn’t an announcement of a QUBE 2 kickstarter campaign or anything, we have some ideas but that the current extent of it.



Q.U.B.E. Collector’s Bundle has arrived!





We’re proud to announce our Collector’s Bundle for those hardcore Q.U.B.E. fans out there! There’s some cool stuff in there including a miniature glove sculpture, created by friend Aiden Quy who worked on the Bat Mobile in the Dark Knight movies! There will also be exclusive access to our upcoming iOS title: QUBE Touch. Hope you’re as excited as we are!

Price and release date: TBC

In the bundle:

– DRM free copy of QUBE on disc
– Original Soundtrack on disc
– Steel Case
– QUBE Steam Code
– Access to the QUBE Touch Beta for iOS devices
– T-shirt
– QUBE Glove Sculpture
– Stress Cube

Toxic Games update on v1.3, Events, Collectors Edition, Steam Sale…

We’ve had a lot of news since our last post, so here it goes…


First and foremost, we wanted to get everyone up to date on V1.3 as it seems to be causing issues by deleting players save games and been causing a few start up problems. If your save game does get deleted try this fix to get back to where you were: Link

We have rolled it back to V1.2 for now until we fix the problem. Note: It has only been deleting saves which already exist, so if you’ve just bought it then your save game will be fine (provided the problem is fixed next time we update)

Here’s the change log for V1.3 which will be practically identical when we put it back up:

– Enabled XBOX360 controller & Mouse and Keyboard together. (Now there is no need to manually configure the controls)
– Fixed some minor texture issues (There were some ugly buttons in the game)
– Added Facebook & Twitter buttons in Extras Menu
– Added some minor Stats in Extras Menu
– Fixed some minor puzzle bugs in sector 5, 6 & 7
– Fixed a bug in Sector 5 where a green cube would pop out of placement thus leaving the puzzle unsolvable and the game uncompletable.
– Enhanced the mouse cursor smoothness in the menus
– Updated the Unreal Engine


Rezzed Game Show

Picture from Rezzed Game Show of the Q.U.B.E. booth

We went down to Brighton at the start of July for Rezzed Game Show which was run by the awesome people over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Got ourselves a booth and introduced a load of new people to Q.U.B.E.

The Toxic Games and Peter Morrish

It got busier, we swear.

Along with talking about Q.U.B.E. a lot (so much talking) and meeting some awesome fans, we took a look at the other indie games at the show like indie fund brother AntiChamber, Gunpoint (punching people and rewiring things or was it rewiring people and punching things?) and the insane LSD 80s trip Hotline Miami.

Once we got our indie cred sorted, we took a look at the big AAA games like Ghost Recon. I think Jon insulted his mother or something:

Jon Savery at Gunpoint by the Ghost Recon guys

No don’t kill him! We need him to creatively director things!

All in all, it was a great show. We’d love to attend again!

Develop Conference, Develop Awards and Indie Showcase

With barely any break we all headed over to Develop Conference (also in Brighton) which is the big UK game industry conference with big names like Valve, Sony, Microsoft and Epic Games attending it gets a lot of attention.
Firstly we had the Indie Showcase which was running over Wednesday and Thursday where we had Q.U.B.E. alongside lots of other great indie games like International Racing Squirrels, Great Big War Game and Perspective. There were ten in total which were placed in the middle of the Develop show floor for judging by the public, press and judges. So we had a superb time introducing lots of industry people to our game and seeing what they thought.

Ignore the Unity part. We used UDK!

On Wednesday night we attended the Develop Awards as we were nominated for the “New Studio” award, which is pretty awesome to get as there have been so many great start-ups lately, the event was great with a very funny opening video featuring some of the greats of the industry: See it here. Sadly we didn’t win “New Studio” but the awesome guys at Bossa Studios did!

Then on Thursday Dan Da Rocha (our MD) hosted a panel on “Ways to fund your game” bringing in Dan Pincheck (thechineseroom – Dear Ester – Fellow Indie Fund sucess story), Adam Green (Assyria Games) and Henry Hoffman (Angry Mango – Windows Phone Game Mush – Winner of Dare to be Digital) which gave everyone a insight into how each of these companies funded their game including how it was working with investors from the hands-on publishers to the free reign style Indie Fund.

Then as the day ended and we went to the final session of the conference they were announcing the winners of the Indie Showcase for Editors Choice, People’s Choice and Overall Winner, the night before we came to terms with losing at the Develop Awards so when Q.U.B.E. was announced as the winner of the Editors Choice Award we were completely surprised! Was brilliant to win such a important award though and it sits proudly on our shelf now.


We noticed that a few indie developers had been doing Reddit “Ask Me Anything” threads lately and with the steam sale on it seemed like the best time to do it!

So we started one up (here for your reading pleasure) and it got modest attention which was more than we expected but around 6pm we stopping looking at it for a while since the questions seemed to have stopped.

But then a fellow called “xNotch” commented and our marketing guy Sam mistook him for someone using the username “Notch”, putting a FUN FACT that the “real notch” liked QUBE quite a bit.

A picture of Notch's post on the Toxic Games Reddit AmA


That turned into quite the mistake.

Notch's tweet about the reddit AmA

Hey, do you hear a rumbling outside the reddit door? Sounds like A MILLION PEOPLE coming for us.

Cue 100s of people flooding our reddit with “lol pwned” and then some brand new quite awesome questions which we spent the remainder of the night answering.

We also had Mark Rein make fun of us.

Despite our marketing guy having a major heart attack, It was all good humoured and we’d love to do it again!


Collectors Edition

The collectors edition of Q.U.B.E got released in the German speaking territories of Europe recently. Thanks to Headup Games!




What’s this? Guess you’ll have to wait and see!