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Future of Q.U.B.E

Hello everyone! We thought it was about time we gave you an update on our projects which are in progress at the moment:

QUBE Collectors Edition

As we said yesterday, we have a collectors edition to sell to the most hardcore of Q.U.B.E. fans!


It’s all here!

We’ll let you know how to get your hands on it soon enough, in the meantime here is the list of what’s in the edition:

– DRM free copy of QUBE on disc
– Original Soundtrack on disc
– Steel Case
– QUBE Steam Code
– Access to the QUBE Touch Beta for iOS devices
– T-shirt
– QUBE Glove Sculpture
– Stress Cube


QUBE on Mac

It’s still very much on the way, we’ve faced a lot more difficulties with the Mac version than we’d like which has caused a lot of delay but fear not it will come out! We’ve had it running on a Mac which is progress!



It’s coming along nicely, we don’t want to spoil the surprise but there’s quite a lot new additions which we think you’ll like.

In the meantime, here’s a teaser image


What could it be?!


QUBE Touch (iOS)

We’ve been working on a iOS game based on similar mechianics to QUBE for a while now, it’s looking quite good and we should be able to release all sorts of information about it soon enough!


That’s a QUBE alright.

QUBE 2 – The earliest of stages

The other day we asked everyone about doing crowd funding for QUBE 2 and the response was extremely positive which was fantastic.

It’s possible we’ll be able to fund QUBE 2 another way but we wanted to check out the option as it would be a great way to do it.

Now we would like to make clear that QUBE 2 ISN’T in development and this isn’t an announcement of a QUBE 2 kickstarter campaign or anything, we have some ideas but that the current extent of it.